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Emotional Freedom Mentor

Are you happy with the choices you make? No Do those choices take you where you want to go for your future? Change at a deep personal/business level Now Are you fed up of responding in the same way and going round and round in circles. Contact me Now

In the past I would get caught up in the world around me. After a lot of heart ache and loss in my life I decided to make changes. Over 3 decades, having explored and qualified in dozens of therapies, I now stand emotionally resilient and in balance in every area of my personal and business life. I would like to share with all I have learnt over nearly 3 decades as a therapist, teacher and mentor creating harmony, peace, fun, joy, and abundance in your life Instead of spending so much time going round and round on the hamster wheel of life. Contact me when you want change at a deep personal/business level and are willing to take action as we make changes at your very core of often long held beliefs that no longer serve, moving into flow and the depth of creating what you want to achieve in your life from NOW. Contact me to book a 20 minute discovery call.


I offer you complete confidentiality whether working with me for personal or business growth. Contact me and we will choose a suitable package together for your highest expansion.


Sparkles and light Wendy ✨

What clients say

Wendy is a true professional. Wendy guides and facilitates emotional wellbeing, healing areas of pain or difficulties and enables the individual to focus on reaching their objective. In my experience Wendy’s methods and practices are unique, tailored, and holistic. I absolutely trust Wendy 100% and this is very important, to be able to feel totally safe and supported when opening up old wounds (if that’s what you feel that you need to do) is testament to her skills and capabilities as a therapist. I remember saying in the very first session that I was afraid to open Pandora’s box – I didn’t realize how big of a role fear was playing in my life, holding me back and generally cultivating negativity for me and people around me. Now when I think about opening boxes I think about the gifts they bring and how I can carry on moving in the right direction. Becky U I recommend Wendy 100% who has been a key supporter in my life and has helped me grow so much, she uses different techniques, is non-judgmental and gently guides without forcing. Since working with Wendy I have more balance in my life, more energy and realize we are always in flow. Even though it was on line, it has worked so well, energy travels and there is no doubt about it being efficient and powerful. Manu Brunet It felt like I was on a cliff edge in my life, should I apply to work with Wendy? Part of me knew it would be life changing, something within told me to take the leap of faith, I didn’t know what was on the other side, but sitting on the edge of that cliff was worse, so I jumped, I made contact with Wendy and the rest is history. I am so glad I did. Cheryl