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What choices are you making that you are not happy with?



How well are these choices setting the stage for the life you actually want?


How is this manifesting negative emotions and pain in your life?


What clients say

Wendy is a true professional. Wendy guides and facilitates emotional wellbeing, healing areas of pain or difficulties and enables the individual to focus on reaching their objective. In my experience Wendy’s methods and practices are unique, tailored, and holistic. I absolutely trust Wendy 100% and this is very important, to be able to feel totally safe and supported when opening up old wounds (if that’s what you feel that you need to do) is testament to her skills and capabilities as a therapist. I remember saving in the ver first session that I was afraid to open Pandora’s box – I didn’t realise how big of a role fear was playing in my life, holding me back and generally cultivating negativity for me and people around me. Now when I think about opening boxes I think about the gifts they bring and how I can carry on moving in the right direction.

Becky U

I recommend Wendy 100% who has been a key supporter in my life and has helped me grow so much, she uses different techniques, is non-judgmental and gently guides without forcing. Since working with Wendy I have more balance in my life, more energy and realise we are always in flow. Even though it was on line, it has worked so well, energy travels and there is no doubt about it being efficient and powerful.

Manu Brunet

It felt like I was on a cliff edge in my life, should I apply to work with Wendy? Part of me knew it would be life changing, something within told me to take the leap of faith, I didn’t know what was on the other side, but sitting on the edge of that cliff was worse, so I jumped, I made contact with Wendy and the rest is history. I am so glad I did.


Wendy guided me through a wonderful adventure. It was like re-writing my past, overcoming my psychological blocks.

Of all of my transformations, the main one has been my ability to feel. Building a “protective wall” around me (which was impeding me to feel) was my psychological resource to navigate the violence I experienced during childhood. Every time there was domestic violence, I would run and locked myself in my room. That was my concept of safety. My child-mind was thinking “the outside world is dangerous, I’d better protect myself with a ‘wall’ around me”. That was my concept of being in the world. Through visualisations and energy shifting, that ‘protective wall’ has fallen down little by little, giving me the chance to feel. My way of experiencing life is completely different. I can open up, hug, feel and think that’s wonderful. I don’t have to close up to protect myself from the outside dangers’, there are no dangers now. Now I am able to see/ feel love. I am now looking forward to find love.


“It has been such a joy being Wendy’s Energetic Breakthrough Method® assessor.

Wendy has shown a high level of dedication to her own inner work and mastered the EBM tools and processes beautifully. Her caring nature, love, compassion and her amazing skills, when it comes to facilitating huge transformations for her clients, have been visible throughout the whole EBM journey.

Wendy empowered herself by doing deep work within, experienced some huge shifts and life-changing transformations thanks to utilising the EBM tools and techniques to a high standard and is helping her clients to rise up to their true potential and healing. Wendy is a powerful ambassador of the Energetic Breakthrough Method® legacy.”


I offer you complete confidentiality when applying to work with me whether for personal or business growth. *

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About me

In the past I would get caught up in the world around me.

As a dyslexic who was unable to read and write until the age of 10 I often felt lost, overwhelmed and continually needing to prove to mvself and others.

After a lot of heart ache and losses in my early life I got fed up of feeling like I was being held back and not reaching my desires, so I chose to make changes.

My journey has led me to qualify in well over 30 therapies in 3 decades using my skills as a multi-talented therapist, teacher and mentor, working with hundreds of amazing people who have changed their lives to be truly incredible leaders, change makers, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses and housewives.

As I stand emotionally resilient and in balance in every area of my personal and business life, I no longer feel out of my depth, I make choices for myself that offer love and self care, I feel complete and free and thoroughly enjoy everything that I do.

My latest qualification in December 2021 was the key in another lock to launch “Emotional Freedom Mentoring” which creates change at the very core of long held beliefs that no longer serve you.

This allows flow in your life enabling you to achieve your desires from NOW.

Do you create harmony, peace, fun, joy, and abundance in your personal & business life like me? or do you go round and round on the hamster wheel of life as I once did.

Now is the time to explore the changes you want to make.

You’ve got this far so take action and contact me.

Choose a plan that works for you